DevOps Workshop

I’ll be running a workshop on DevOps with my friend Eduardo Piairo at the Regional Scrum Gathering in Porto, Portugal on Dec. 2nd.

For anyone attending there are a few important tools to download and install, preferably before the session. They are:

We’ll be using some “latest and greatest” things so hopefully nothing will go wrong and it’ll be fun to see some of the new things going on in the Microsoft / Windows world.


For VS2017 RC, The only option you need to select on the install wizrd is “.Net core and Docker (Virtualization)”. On the individual components screen, you can add the .NET core runtime option and Git for windows.

Install .NET core 1.1 SDK only AFTER you install VS2017. You can confirm you have the right version setup by opening a command prompt and typing in dotnet.

Install docker for windows to see the dockerized version of the app running locally. One thing you need to do is share your C drive in the Docker for Windows app.

Install docker tools for VS also.

Finally, go to and sign up for Visual Studio Team Services. It’s free, and offers source control, builds and release management in the same tool. Its not totoally necessary for source control (you can opt in to GitHub for that if you wish) but we will be using it for our demo, especially for builds, so it will be easier to follow along with it.

Signup also to (free acount). You get credits that can be used for services. We’ll be deploying to the app services.