Merging assemblies with ILRepack

Typically, in .NET, to merge assemblies you would use ILMerge. ILRepack is another project you can use and that has had updates recently (and a lot of activity on Github).

I’ve found it useful to merge the lot of Dlls and Exe that can compose a simple app into a single executable file (think containers but without Docker), which facilitates using and distributing it. The new .csproj file format is a great simplification and allows for tasks (as in the previous versions) in a smaller more understandable file.

To use ILRepack in a project, here are the steps you can perform to include the task during your build:

1 – add the ILRepack package to the project you wish to merge files in
2 – validate that the AssemblyName element is defined in the property groups in your .csproj file
3 – in the .csproj, add the following target element

<Target Name="ILRepack" AfterTargets="Build">
<!-- The ILRepack task will grab all build ouput assemblies
and merge them into a single exe file for easy distribution and integration
<ILRepackPackage Include="$(NuGetPackageRoot)\ilrepack\*\tools\ilrepack.exe" />
<NetStandardLocation Include="$(NuGetPackageRoot)NETStandard.Library\2.0.1\build\netstandard2.0\ref" />

<Error Condition="!Exists(@(ILRepackPackage->'%(FullPath)'))" Text="You are trying to use the ILRepack
 package, but it is not installed or at the correct location" />
<Exec Command="@(ILRepackPackage->'%(fullpath)') /out:$(OutputPath)merged\$(AssemblyName).exe 
/wildcards /lib:@(NetStandardLocation) /target:exe $(OutputPath)$(AssemblyName).exe $(OutputPath)*.dll" />

3.1 – the NetStandardLocation element is only required if you are targeting it or including a package that targets it.
3.2 – the /lib:@(NetStandardLocation) argument in the Exec command is only required by 3.1
3.3 – adjust the /out argument in the command to whatever you require.

4 – If you want to include the output in a package, define the package elements in a propertyGroup and include:

<!--we do not want build outputs integrated into the resulting package, only the IL merged file -->

<!-- nuget package files info: -->
<!--we do not want build outputs integrated into the resulting package, only the IL merged file -->
<Content Include="$(OutputPath)merged\$(AssemblyName).exe" PackagePath="tools\" />

And that’s pretty much it. If you run build, ILRepack will be executed and build the merged file, and MSBuild will also wrap it in a NuGet package if you include the packaging step.

DevopsPorto Meetup December 2017 Session

Me, presenting at the devopsporto meetup

I recently presented a talk titled “Ramp Up Your Learning Habits in 2018” and intended to challenge the attendees of the December 2017 DevopsPorto meetup group to choose some topics and focus on learning them in 2018.

It was a fun presentation for me, given it is a topic dear to me and was also the first time I presented to the group I co-founded with Eduardo Piairo.

The slides are available through GitPitch (which I also learned for this session) at Press ‘S’ to open the speaker deck and find additional notes. The slides are open source and available at . In the repo, I also have a set of notes on some courses by Britt Andreatta about learning that I found useful and which can further aid any efforts to create new learning habits in 2018.

Finally, a quick thanks to all those who attended and followed up during the break and at the end of the day, and also thanks to my good friends at Bitmaker Software for hosting the event at the awesome startup house Founders 2 Founders.